SRA Weeds ID Tool

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Above: Nutgrass in cane.

The content from this part of the website is extracted from the BSES Weeds in Australian Cane Fields 1989 publication. It will give users the necessary tools to identify weeds they may find on their cane farm. The resource is also phone and tablet enabled so you can take this resource with you when you walk around your farm.

There are numerous leaf shapes, grasses, sedges and water plants in sugarcane. To identify a weed please choose from the below links:

Key to leaf shape, includes:
  Narrow lance shaped, broad lance shaped, club shaped, oval or ellipticals, round shaped, heart shaped, shallow lobes, many or deep lobes, divided leaves, finely divided leaves, thistle like, three leaflets, even number of leaflets, and odd number of leaflets. More...
Key to grasses, sedges and water plants, includes:
  spike or plume, millet like, finger like, few spikes, many spikes, small flower heads on short stalks, cone shaped, sedges, plants in permanent water. More...
Managing nut grass in cane - IS10016
Olive Hymenachne - IS11007
Weed Management Manual 2010